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All surnames Sinkiewicz, Stankiewicz, Gajda, Gromczynski
All places Wilno, Warsaw, Rokitno
Research notes I have been involved with genealogy for about 30 years.  I have been successful in finding my maternal ancestors, but could only locate my father's paternal line including very rare nobility documents.  They were in Vilnius - where most of my family hails from. I have not been able to find anything on his mother.

I have helped others with their family histories, but I have a couple of dead ends that still bug me!  As new sources come out, I keep looking and hoping.  It took 20 years to find my Dad's family!

For some reason, I can't locate a record that I once found at szukajwarchiwach.pl.  I know it's there, but nothing comes up.  I need a birth record.  When I printed it out the last time, it was too small to read.  I was hoping to find it again and get better results.  Unfortunately, I'm not getting anything.  Maybe it's because I'm not doing it correctly.  I tried to follow the directions you gave, but it doesn't work for me.  The record I need is from Warsaw - should be easier than some.  I believe it was a baptismal record.