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All surnames Pawelczak, Gacek
All places Czarny Dunajec
Research notes I have recently began researching my maternal grandparent's journey to America. In particularly I am fousing on my grandmother, Kunegunda Pawelczak, with the intention of writing her life story.   After locating her naturalization papers I was able to find (and correct) her Ellis Island ships manifest records.  She emmigrated from Czarny Dunajec via Bremen in 1913.  I am trying to piece together her journey from her village.  Based on the ships manifest I have believe she traveled with several other young women from her village: Aniela Figus, Marya Caladowczak (both single), Karolina Czerwin, and possibly a cousin(?) Aniela Pawelczak and her 3 year old son Jan.   Aniela Figusl and Marya were going to Chicago (as was my grandmother), Aniela Pawelczak was going to Republic Pa to meet her husband Jan.  (Which was the same name as my grandmother's brother who she was to meet in Chicago.)

Further research in a database generated from a Bremen organization, listed a Pawel Stochla also being from Czarny Dejunac.  However, the Ellis Island manifest had him from another town.  It is possible that he accompanied the young women on the trip if the Bremen records are correct.