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All surnames Dziedzic, Gurzenda
All places Lopuchowa-laczki, Kucharskie, Poland, Jedwabne, Poland
Research notes I am researching my maternal Great Grandfather, Wojciech Dziedzic.  I have a Baptismal Record from the church in Poland with this town printed on it.  He was born in 1863 and died in 1938.  He married Rozalia Sweder in 1889.  I received this information in 1985 and I have still not found anymore information on my Great Grandfather or Great Grandmother.  I do not speak Polish.


I am also researching my paternal Great Grandfather, Stanislaw Gurzenda.  All I know is his son, my Grandfather Alexander Gurzenda, was born in Jedwabne, Poland.  Stanislaw was married to Franciszka Karwowska.  I have no other information and can't find anything else about them.