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All surnames Radzyminski
All places United States, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Switzerland
Research notes Nadia Radzyminski is my name.


I am an American Citizen.

The United States has been my Native Country for a Long Time.  


To Consider Oneself an American Citizen it is Always Required to Comprehend and Understand  :



"The Declaration of Independence"



"The Emancipation Proclamation"

 "The United States Constitution"     and     "The Pledge of Allegiance"

My Grandfather immigrated to the United States from the Country of Poland during the 1920's near Buffalo, New York.


He Graduated with Several Advanced Collegiate Academic Degrees from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois.

Both of my Grandparents were Totally Catholic and resided in Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, and several other places.

My Grandfather was named Stanislaus Francis Radzyminski and my Grandmother was named Jeanne Josephine Owzcareck Radzyminski.

My Grandparents were Equally Well Educated and Traveled to Many Regions of the World with the United States Military.

They were Linguistically Fluent in many Languages:    English, Polish, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Swedish.

My Grandmother was a Very Nice Woman.  Everyone Admired her because she was Totally Smart and had Appropriate Manners.

My Grandparents, Stanley and Jeannie, were both Legal American Citizens and they always adhered to American Laws and National Ordinances.

My Ethnic Background is English, Scottish, Irish, Cherokee Indian and Polish.


Numerous Schools and Colleges have I Attended and Graduated from in the United States and Europe.



I Have No Children for Reasons of Personal Freedom, and I don't know if I would ever need to reproduce at all.



Illegal Aliens Should Be Deported Away From the United States, Great Britain, and Europe.



Poorly Dressed Refugees Should Not Be Permitted to Be Citizens Anywhere.

In the Primary and General Elections of 2016, I made Moderate Conservative Voting Choices in Defense of my Nation and it's Most Basic Values.



I am Basically Nice.