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All surnames Guzinski, Guzinska, Pol
All places Szczecin
Research notes I am trying to research my family ancestory.

My Grandmother came from Szczecin, Poland. Guzinska being her maiden name, Zofia her first. She had brothers and sisters that I am aware of, but don't know what happened to them as they seperated when she was approx 15.  My Grandfather was a Sergent Major in Polish Army by the name of Richard Pol and was already married when he met my grandmother. Not entirely sure how they met. Apparently she was sent to concentration camp Dachu, in Germany, due to being caught trying to cross the Cheq border without papers as she and her 2 friends were trying to run away from the place they were sent to work. My grandfather smuggled my grandmother to the UK in 1946, i believe, as my grandfather was in Exile, but earnt his right to stay in UK as he fought in Battle of Britain.  Its also noted on social security records my grandmother was a prostitute! Both are now deceaced but I would like to try and trace my grandmothers and grandfathers family if possible.