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Marcyk, Szpak, Marczak, Kodak, Adamczyk, Ryfun
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Zernica, Czaszyn, Lisko, Bosmanska, Koszalin
Research notes
Researching Eva Marcyk (or Marczak) born August 18, 1891 in Zernica, Lesko, Galicia to Antony/Antoni Marcyk and Margaret/Magda Kodak. Eva arrived in the United States April 27, 1907.  She intended to go to Mayfield, Pennsylvania in 1907 to join her Aunt Telka Marczyk, according to the Passenger List.  She had a brother and a sister still alive in Galicia/Poland at the time of her death in 1962 based on her obituary. Her sister's name may have been Sophia Ryfun. Sophia had a daughter, Natatia / Natalia Ryfun and possibly two sons, Michael / Michal and Dimitri / Dymitr who may have lived somewhere in Ukraine in 1958.  Eva may have had a cousin or niece by the name of Magdalena/Magda Adamczyk, in Bosmanska, Koszalin around 1992 who was still corresponding with Eva's daughter in Syracuse, NY.

I am also researching Eva's husband, Samuel (Semko) Szpak.  Semko was born March 10, 1890 to Stephen and Eva Szpak in Czaszyn, Lisko, Galicia. He came to the United States in June 1907. Samuel had an older brother, Michael (later changed to Nickolay/Nicholas), born June 2, 1888, who came to the USA in October 1904 and married Anne Evaniszk (later Naska), also Polish. Both Szpak brothers lived in Syracuse, NY.

Any information on these Marczak, Szpak or Kodak families (past or present), would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you - C. Zimmer, USA