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Research notes Good day,

I am looking for my Grand-father, Wladyslaw RYKOWSKI.

I hope I well spelt his name. He should be around 89 year old.

He is polish origin, he used to be a colonel in army. He was in Chesterfield - Derbyshire England in period 1949-1951.

He met my Grand-mother Eunice ALLEN and had a baby with her. A son, Paul, Rodney ALLEN born in Chesterfield England on Febbruary 14th 1951.

I don't know in which country he lives. Has he came back to poland or another country (USA..). Does someone knows where he lives?

I wish my grand-father is still in live. My wish is to meet him.

If you know him, please tell him he has a son aged 64 living in south of france, who would be very happy to meet his father.

Can anybody remember of my grand-father? perhaps a relative or a friend can help me in my research.

I would be very thankful if someone can help me. I wish we can meet him.

If you relatives to my grand-father Wladyslaw RYKOWSKI, I would be very happy to keep in touch with you, to know about our family is very important for us.

THANK YOU in advance for your help.

Stélina ALLEN (his grand-daughter) aged 39.

Any information, please contact me:

e-mail : [email protected]

telephone number : 0033.620.56.37.69