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All surnames Kurpiewski, Wcislo, Deptula, Pekola, Tylke, Sroka
All places Krakow, Kocmyrzow, Gleboka, Warsaw, Szafarnia, Bochnia
Research notes I have been in contact with my father's side of the family Wcislo in Gleboka northeast of Krakow for all my life and have visited many times.  I am of course interested in additional info on the family names & towns.

But now I am researching my mothers mothers family.  She was Frances Deptula Kurpiewska and came from Szarfarnia to live in Chicago about 1908.

I will be visiting Szarfarnia Sep 21 to 25, 2015 and I am looking to hire an English speaking guide with a car for 3 persons.  If anyone knows of such a guid please email me!

Thank you!

Denise Wcislo Goins