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All surnames Laska, Zegarowski, Parzych, Parzick, Jankowski, Kulas
All places Zastawje, Niedziwada, Chudek, Lomza, Niedziwada, Ropczyce, Rzeszow, Katholische Kirche, Briesen Marienwerder, Westpreussen, Prussia
Research notes I am trying to follow my father's mother's ancestors and have not had much luck finding information on her relatives that stayed in Poland. The names I have are: Francesca Laska  who was born in Poland Russia and married Julian (Julius) Zegarowsk in Pittsfield, MA on June 8, 1914. Other family members have her dob as May 27, 1894 and her parents as Anna Parzych (Parzick) and Joseph Laska. I cannot find any information on either of her parents. Also I cannot find any information on Julian's parents, Paulin Zegarowski and Theophilia Jankowski.

Can you please help me try to find more information.


Thank you,