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All surnames Repke
All places Gaj, Radomin, Rippin
Research notes Hello my name is Carol Huber and am looking for information on my father's family who had a farm in Gaj near the village of Radomin and the city of Rippin in the 1930's. The family name is Repke. Apparently the family would often provide shelter to Polish people fleeing to the East. The family fled to the West in 1945. My grandfather Friedrich Repke served in the Polish Cavalry for two years as a 21 year old. After the German occupation of Poland and Friedrich was appointed as the Reeve of the small village. He was selected because he was bilingual in Polish and German and had no choice in the matter. Since my grandmother was better educated she would handle all of the paperwork required for the job and my grandfather would attend the meetings.

I would appreciate any information regarding the family.