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All surnames Liefke, Steinke, Bensch, Jahn, Haupt, Fink, Vietz, Gliege, Kunkel
All places Michalinow, Traczyn, Ingelfingen, Swiecin, Konin, Zagorow, Sockelstein
Research notes I am new to seaching for my family - they would never speak of the past.  I am  female between 60-65 yrs, retired.  Last year I learned where the place is that my parents were born so I traveled to Poland to see with my own eyes the land they lived, loved and had to flee from.  Earlier this year I learned where in the world Ingelfingen is/was (now called Anielowo).  I have found names and dates.  I have learned to read the Polish records, my stumbling blocks are the Russian records.  2016 I plan to make a trip to Zagorow.