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All surnames Malczyk, Sokolowski, Sokolowska, Dziekonska, Dziekonski, Kapelanczyk, Baczek, Charubin, Malz, Dopke
All places Cieloszka, Nowaruda, Kolno, Kuzie, Suwalki, Malz, Piatkowizna, Myszyniec, Zalas, Turosl
Research notes

My name is Tom and I am attempting to research family that I seem to have narrowed down to NE Poland -Kurpie area (Cieloska and NowaRuda/Kolno/Lomza and Kuzie as well as possibly Suwałki for Marcin Sokołowski but still not entirely certain as well as family from North Central Poland (modern day Szemud) 


Marcin Sokołowski b between 1842-1850 and Maryanna Dziekońska B. between emigrated to USA in 1892 and 1898 respectively Their children I know of were all born in Poland, likely in Kuzie near Kolno (Katarzyna Sokołowska , b abt 1881, emigrated to USA in 1900, Maryanna Sokołowska b.1888, Pauline Sokołowska b.1889 both came to usa together in 1906 and Teofil (Phillip) Sokołowski b.1891 came over with his mother at age 7. 


Katarzyna Married Frank Malczyk on Oct 2 1900- in Menominee County MI . The wedding document misspelled his name Malezik or Malcik- I don't know if they met in NE Poland or not but I would suspect since he came in 1898 and she followed in 1900 and they married that same year. They then had their first child in MI and by the 1910 census had moved to Chicago, IL


Their 3rd child, Marianna (my great grandmother) was born in 1907 and had my grandfather in 1928. We never knew who his father was and he was raised by his Polish grandmother Katarzyna who went by "Busia" , a common Americanized version of grandma. I recently learned who his father was through DNA testing by my dad and I -, a gentleman with the surname Dopke. His parents had Kashubian roots coming from what is now Szemud Poland.