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All surnames Oles, Pastula, Zmuda, Biernat, Bodziony, Kupic, Kupiec, Mordarski, Konicki, Tokarz, Preneta, Wawrzonek, Biatek
All places Kupno, Przyszowa, Mokra Wies, Gostwica
Research notes I began my genealogy after trying to find my mother's birth and bapismal records. She was unaware the dates nor of any grandparents,  aunts, uncles or cousins. We did finally find the records and she was 4 months younger than she thought. She had picked 1st of July as her birth date but it was 18th of Nov. Unfortunate she had past before we found it.   I'm on Ancestry.com and their message boards, Familysearch and used film from their libraries, Polish Origins, Polish Genealogy, Myheartage. Through Ancestry message board I got connected with two other people that are researching some of the same family members. They wear VERY helpful and I greatly appreciated their help. I am now trying to make sure I'm on the right track and looking for any unknown relatives and some known but missing, can't find info on them. It would also be nice bonus to find living relatives.