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All surnames Kolakowski, Lukowski, Kupis, Olkowski, Zawadski, Budny
All places Parafia Bogate, Czarnotrew, Przasnysz, Krasne, Krasnosielc, Rozan, Jaczunka
Research notes Maternal & paternal grandparents emigrated to Delaware in the US in the early part of 1900. I've been able to find Dominik Kolakowski (Urodzony)back to his marriage to Anna Budna in June of 1796. The marriage occured in Krasnosielc. The births of 10 children  were recorded in Pienice (Wielki)from 1800 until 1822. Grandfather Czeslaw, is the great grandson of Dominik. Czeslaw was born in Helenowo in 1891. Grandmother, Helena Olkowska was born in Zawady in 1894. The Olkowski family in Poland has not been as easy to find as the Kolakowscy. There are Kolakowscy descendants in the Przasnysz area and I have visited with them and we maintain a correspondence. I am hoping to find additional information about the other families named.

I live in Delaware, Can translate a  liitle Polish.