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All surnames
Krepicz, Krepich, Krepych, Krepycz, Krepics, Szumejda, Schumada, Husack, Husak
All places
Habkowce, Habkivci, Hapkuvci, Jablinky, Jablonky, Jablynky, Radywa
Research notes
My name is Skyler H. I started researching all branches of my family tree in 2013. My maternal grandmother's family is from Galicia/Poland/Ukraine/etc. It has been difficult to research due to financial reasons and lack of records.

My great-grandfather, Pawel/Paul Krepicz, came over right before Poland was formed. A lot of records have been destroyed and difficult to find due to the fact my family has always considered themselves Ukrainian Greek Catholics. His village, Habkowce, was later destroyed, and the villagers were forced to leave. I didn't hear anything about the family my great-grandfather left behind. My grandmother has said about the fact he used to send things to his family though. Pawel Krepicz passed away before I was born. 

His wife, Catherine (Husak/Husack) Krepicz, was the daughter of Anthony and Anna (Schumada) Husak/Husack. The wedding license for her parents has the spelling of "Schumada" spelled "Szumedja". 

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