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All surnames Niemczyk, Gurska, Filipowicz, Huzalkowska
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Research notes My great-grandparents were Bronislaw Niemczyk (12 Feb 1885 - 29 May 1923) and Emilia Górska (1889 - 19 Mar 1927). 

Emilia was baptized in Wozniany, Wilno, Lithuania, the daughter of Casimir Górska and Josephine Filipowicz. This information comes from a U.S. marriage record. I have yet to find the Lithuanian record to confirm it.

Bronislaw was baptized in 1887 in Warsaw, Poland according to the same record, the son of Anthony Niemczyk and Julia Strzałkowska. It is possible he was born Bronislaw Strzałkowska in Warsaw in 1885 to his then-unmarried mother. All evidence points to this being true.