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All surnames Gurka, Bendick, Protas
All places Galicia, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Novo Sundra
Research notes My grandparents were illiterate, so they were unable to proofread anything written about their places of birth, correct name spellings, etc.  For example, on his Social Security card application, his father's name was spelled, "Kurka."  Therefore, any birthdates, places of birth, and names are suspicious and subject to error or misinterpretation.   My grandmother had two children (the eldest) with the surname, Protas, but I have not been able to find any marriage certificate with that name.  Or for Gurka, either, but she used that name until her death.

I am looking for help in delving into my grandparents' past: their parents' names, their places of birth, and such.  I have used Ancestry.com and the 1920 and 1930 Census records but have been unable to find any leads.