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All surnames Radecki, Skalska
All places Morsko, Pinczow, Kielce, Buenos Aires
Research notes My name is Deborah Radecki. I am looking for information on Wincenty Radecki born 21.03.1904. Wincenty is my grandfather.

Wincenty was born in Morsko, Pinczow, Poland. In 1928 he travelled to Buenos Aires on the ship Asturias which arrived on the 1/10/1928 he was aged 24. His occupation was listed as agricultural.

In 1939 Wincenty joined the Polish Airforce and was transported to England where he was stationed for a number of years and he met my grandmother Annie Broadwith. They were married in 1946. Wincenty was honurably discharged once was was over and they decided that he would return back to Buenos Aires where he was involved in a co-operative building houses with his friends until they all had their own property. Wincenty travelled back to Buenos Aires on the Ship Tamaroa and arrived back in Buenos Aires on the 11/02/1947.

The idea was that once my father had been born my grandmother and my father would travel to Buenos Aires and they would all live there. My grandmother did not settle in Buenos Aires and missed her family terribly.  Grandmother and father returned back to the Uk when my father was aged 4 and the story goes that my grandfather as he had not obtained a British passport he was refused entry.

Over the years they lost touch and eventually they were divorced. My grandmother never married again and lived alone for the rest of her life. She even wore her wedding ring until the day she died.

Wincenty I believe had a sister named Wiktoria and a brother named Jozef. His parents names were Wincenty Radecki and Anna Skalska/Skalski.

More recently my fathers health has deteriorated drastically and he has always wanted to know what happened to his father. We assume that he has passed away a number of years ago, but still it would be great to know more about him. I have a pile of photograpsh which are Wincenty's family but we don't know who they are....which is such a shame.

If any of this sounds familiar to anyone then I would appreciate any small piece of information on my grandfather that may shed some light on where he is and what happended and more so did he have a good life

I have his Polish service record where I have learned more about him than I ever did. But there is still a lot of unanswered questions that we have. My father bitterly regrets not writing to his father when he was younger.