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All surnames Bronikowski, Perchajlo, Redmerski, Kreger, Krieger
All places Skalat, Kamionka, Bogdinowka
Research notes One set of my great grandparents came over from Poland/Russia in 1899, Their names were Frank Redmerski and his wife Laokadya(Rose) Krieger. I also have a great-great grandfather whose name was Martin Bronikowski born in Poland, and a set of great grandparents named Jan and Marya Perchajlo, who came over to Canada in 1911 with my grandfather Mikaloj and his sister Jewdosha. I have no real information from back in the old country. As many of you know through researching, some of us have very little to go on as names changed, were Americanized and such, and my oldest living relative at the moment is my father who was born here, but his father was Mikolaj Perchajlo, and his mother was Helen Marie Zwick, who was born in Germany, my grandfather changed his name when he crossed the border from Canada into the USA, he was then formally known as Jack White. My parents were both born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My mothers mother was named Gertrude Doris Redmerski and was born in New Jersey, but her parents were Freank and Rose. I've managed to learn alot thru census info and such, but any information on these surnames and any reference as to whence they came would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance.       Lori