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All surnames Kons, Ciszek, Kocanda, Rokicky, Szymusiak, Kas, Janovska, Jablonka, Halcsak, Strba
All places Piekielnik, Poland, Jablonka, Zaluczne
Research notes My grandfather and grandmother both came from a village names Piekielnik in Poland. It formerly was part of Slovakia and named Pekelnik. Anyone doing reserch in this village please e-mail me. Other surnames from this village were Ciszek, Kocanda, Szymusiak, Rockicky
My grandfather was Anton Kons. He was born and raised in Piekielnik  until he came to US on Jan. 3, 1913 leaving behind his siblings and parents.  He came to Chicago Illinois and later married my grandmother, Marya Ciszek ( Cisek, Cizek). She too was from the same village and they had already known eachother since small. My grandmothers mother was Victoria Kocanda whom had married Ignatius Ciszek in Piekielnik. Ignatius came forst to US and later Victoria came later.

I never got to meet any of my grandparents or their family.  I was adopted at the age of 6. Thats why for me this search is soooooo important so I can have luck in finding some line of the family. Please contact me if you know of any in Piekielnik. I can give more inf. on some that I have aquired through the archives.

God Bless, Donnamarie Kons

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