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All surnames Bryza, Dabrowski, Gastol, Glowa, Kucharski, Michalski, Pol, Tanski, Trytek
All places Nawoz, Sokul, Wiszenki, Bystrzanow, Tarczyn
Research notes PLACES: Nawóz, Sokul (Sokól) and Wiszenki  [all in Rożyszcze District, near Łuck]. Bystrzanów [in Tarczyn District, near Warsaw]

NAMES: Bryza, Głowa, Kucharski, Michalski, Pol (Poll), Tański and Trytek from Nawóz; Dąbrowski from Wiszenki; Gąstoł and Głowa from Bystrzanów and Tarczyn.

My grandfather, Jan Głowa, was born at Bystrzanów and settled near Nawóz in 1922, after serving as a stretcher-bearer in the Polish 19th Infantry Regiment. He marrried Zofia Dąbrowska from Wiszenki. Zofia's sister Genowefa married settler Zygmunt Pol (killed 1920s) then married Jan Tański (killed 1939). Her sister Jadwiga married ??? Kucharski. My father, Henryk, was born at Nawóz in 1925. The allotments of Jan Głowa, Józef Michalski and Walenty Trytek were grouped together near the western end of the village.

In 1939 Nawóz was occupied by the Red Army. At least twenty Polish and Ukrainian civilians were killed by a small number of vindictive locals. Two of the military settlers were executed near Rożyszcze but some managed to hide until the Soviet authorities restored order. My father's 16 year-old brother Władysław was murdered because he refused to betray his father in hiding. My grandfather escaped to Warsaw but the other surviving settlers and families were deported to special-settlement camps in the Arkhangelsk Region.

I am looking for old photographs of Nawóz and Wiszenki.