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All surnames Orzel, Prytko, Dziedzic, Piech, Zelechowski, Kaminska, Grabski, Wiech, Kukla
All places Lakta Gorna, Katowice, Bytomsko, Rajbrot
Research notes Kazimerz Orzel and Zophia Grabska(i) had 2 sons and at least one grandson that come to america from Łąkta Górna.

the sons went to Buffalo,NY the grandson to St Joseph,MO am trying to find more information on the family that stayed in Poland 

My husband is Kevin Orzel the grandson of Wawrzyńiec Orzeł

We would appreciate any help with the decendents (birth date, death date , whom they married and any children they may have had as well as what they did for a living)

thank you in advance Cristine Orzel

(sorry we don't speak polish but can use google translate and there is a 1st cousin here in Arizona that is able to help translate if needed)