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All surnames Beschorner, Kind, Reich, Grun, Hoppe, Frenzel, Burski, Beszoner, Wegner, Rothe, Fietz
All places Lodz, Berlin, Ozorkow, Wilhelmshaven, Tarnow
Research notes I am researching the Beschorner (also spelled Beszorner and Berszoner) family.  My great-grandparents were Ferdynand Beszorner and Zuzanna Hoppe.  They married in Lodz, Poland in 1887.  My grandmother was Pauline Beschorner Wegner, my father was Bronislaw Alfred Berszoner.  Both lived in Lodz.  After doing research, I discovered that my grandfather was Teodor Kind (brother, Hugo; father August Krystian). I would like to contact/connect with the Kind family (either from Lodz, Poland or Berlin, Germany).  I am also looking for information on the Wegner family.  Otto Wegner married my grandmother, Pauline Beschorner, in Germany, 1950s.  I believe Otto was from Lodz, Poland. 

The above surnames are individuals associated mainly with my Beschorner family (except for Burski/Burska) and towns they lived in (Burski/Burska, Tarnow and Lodz, Poland).

If anything above sounds familiar, please contact me.  

Thank you.