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All surnames Drozdziuk, Drozdowski, Lyszczek, Kwasny, Kwasniowski, Paskiewicz, Pacholczuk, Tobiasz, Solek, Rog, Maksymiuk, Starzynska, Korzeniewski, Makaruk
All places Dubow, Lubelski, Poland, Zglobien, Rzeszow, Poland, Cznowska, Poland
Research notes All four of my grandparents were born in Poland (Dubow and Zglobien/Rzeszow).  I have found family in Poland via Facebook and am exploring new avenues to search for more.  My paternal side -- the Drozdowski/Drozdziuk & Korzeniewski families seem to be very large and I have knowledge of ancestors in the Dubow for about 7 generations.  My maternal side -- the Lyszczek & Kwasniowski/Kwasny line, from Rzeszow. is much more difficult to locate.  If any of the surnames I listed sounds familiar, I would love to hear from you!!!!  Thank you!!!