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All surnames
Pioch, Kernich, Minge, Pilz
All places
Wrzescie, Starbienino, Golocin, Zbylutow, Gosciecino, Schwartow
Research notes
I am from Melbourne, Australia. 

My Great-Great Grandparents, Carl Pioch and Louisa Caroline nee Schroeder, were married in Gosentin (now Gosciecino) in 1865.  Carl was born in Friest (now Wrzescie) in 1843 Prussia.  Louisa was born in Schwartow in 1848 Prussia.  They came to Australia in 1873 aboard the Freideburg from Hamburg.  I have no idea about Carl's parents or family.  I know that Louisa's parents are John and Louisa.

Another of my Great-Great Grandfathers, Ferdinand Minge, was possibly born in West Phaben, Prussia in 1829 and his wife Emile Zielke in 1833 in Slackow.

My 3x Great Grandfather Johann Ernst Gottlieb Ehrenfried Kernich was born in Gohlsdorf (now Golocin), Prussia, and his wife, Anna Rosina Pilz, was born in Deutsmandorf (now Zbylutow), Prussia in 1823.

My Husband and I are currently planning a trip that will include Poland for 2017 and we are looking at all of our options as far as tours/guides/etc.  I would love to visit the areas that all of my ancestors came from and to compare what they left to what they came to.