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All surnames Nickel, Kitzmann, Krebs, Buchholz, Mieske, Schultz, Benke, Harmel, Fritz, Bessler, Breitkreuz, Lehmann, Ziemann, Ziemer, Bernstein
All places Chodecz, Lanieta, Gawin, Wladyslawow, Przedecz, Zgorze, Neudorf Near Przedecz, Witoldowo, Kolatki, Lubonski Hollendry, Stangenfurt, Jankendorf Prussia, Nowa Wies Wielka, Lipiny
Research notes My maternal grandparents immigrated to Chicago from small farming villages near the Lutheran parishes of Chodecz and Przedecz in the Kujawy area of central Poland. Working primarily from copies of original vital records (from the LDS Family History Centor and the Polish Archives) I have so far been able to trace back in time from my grandparents to my 4th greatgrandparents who were born in the 1770s and 1780s in central Poland.  According to Albert Breyer, noted historian of ethnic Germans in central Poland, my ancestors' villages' residents were ethnic German farmers who spoke a Low East German dialect and had migrated there from Pomerania. So far, using books like "In Their Words" and "A Translaion Guide" (plus a little help from my friends) I have been able to decipher and translate the original German, Russian and Polish documents into English, but I sure could use some help in that regard.