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All surnames Korfel, Lichota
All places Budziszowice, Dabrowa-gornicza, Kobylniki, Wielesnica
Research notes I am looking for relatives of both my father and mother. 

My father, Tomasz Korfel, was born in Budziszowice October 19, 1907 and lived in Dabrowa-Gornicza with his family. 

I have a letter from Polish Red Cross advising me that my father was a rifleman in 10th Mounted Rifle Regiment, was a prisoner of war at Stalag VIII C and then in Stalag XII B. 

His father's first name  was Ignacy but for some reason the Polish Red Cross seem to think his last name was Szarawara.  I thnk they have their records mixed up.

 My oldest brother told me that either his father or his father's father was a forest ranger in Poland and that he had a German background.

 My father's mother was Josopha , nee Kowalska.   Again Polish Red Cross seem to think her name was was Rozalia and not Josapha.

My father's father died while my father was in the army. 

My father apparently had 3 sisters, one who lived in France and then in 1941 came back to Poland.

My mother, Tekla Lichota, was born July 6, 1923 and lived in Wielesnica, Belarus, and was taken by Germans for work in Germany during start of war.  The village was not far from Brest/Pinsk in an area that was basically mud flats.  It was wiped out during war.  I know her mother and for sure her brother, John (Jan?) remained there and wherever they lived became part of the USSR after war.  She had 3 sisters all together but said that all 3 had died.

My mother also had a great uncle who lived in Chicago, Illinois.  We visited him a few times when we were growing up - his name was Fred Lichota.  He immigrated from Russia long before the war broke out.  He was not married.

From my notes of discussions with my mother, she indicated she was taken by Germans to Grodno and then somewhere near Frankfurt, Germany.  She ended up working in Dietersheim until 1945.  She must have met  my father around that time and they got married.  My oldest brother, Walter, was born in 1945 in Waldlaubersheim, Germany.

I do have a copy of a german ID paper for my father dated Feb. 11, 1945 which indicates his date of birth, that he is from Dabrowa Gona Poland and that he is a Landarbier (farm labourer). 

They moved to France in 1947 and worked in the vineyards at Schlumberger, Guebwiller just south of Strasbourg until our family moved to the US in 1961.

That is all I know.