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All surnames Borowicz, Krupa, Nowak, Plata
All places Zaluze, Szczucin, Tranow, Kielce, Olesno, Krakow, Slupiec
Research notes Borowicz and Krupa associated with Zaluze, Szczucin, Słupiec, Kielce, Tarnow and Krakow

Mathias Borowicz (born est 1858) came to the US - Worcester MA area around 1901 due to a connection with a cousin. He brought some of his sons over around 1905: Jan, Joesph and Wladyslaw. He brought his daugher Sophia Bronislava over around 1904 followed by his wife Franciszka (Krupa) at a later date. He had another son Henryk that emigrated to Canada and a daughter Maria. We know Franciszka went back to Poland to the Kielce area at some point and was visited in 1923 by her daughter Bronislava with her family. 

We know that Sophia was born in Slupiec, Wladyslaw, Maria, Jan, Joesph and Henryk are listed as born in Zaluze with some references to Szczucin. We think the Krupa family could be from the Kielce/Ostrow area but are not sure. We are looking for further info on both families

Nowak and Plata associated with Olesno and Tarnow areas

Sofia, Julia and Leon Nowak came to the U.S Worcester, MA area around the turn of 1900's within a few years of each other. There may have been cousins in MA they settled near. Leon Nowak and his family are reported to have returned to Poland between the war's and was unable to return to the US due to WWII and the Iron Curtain. The Nowak family was reported to have been larger. Their parents are listed as John (sic US spelling) Nowak and Catharina Plata. We are looking for further info.