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Research notes I am looking for the origin in Poland of my family. I know they immigrated and settled in Alpena, Michigan around 1887. I have not found immigration records, and even my grandmother and her sister did not know where their parents were from in Poland, other than Prussia. Here is what I know: John Wisniewski and wife Anna (nee Dolny) and daughter Anna (born in Poland May 16, 1886) came to the US and settled in Alpena, Michigan. John worked for a logging company and was killed be fore my grandmother was born. (I have a church burial record in Catholic Cemetery for March 1888, but I am not positive this is him.) My grandmother, Joanna, was born July 8, 1888. A large fire the following week burned a number of homes and businesses in Alpena and Birth and Baptism records in the church were destroyed. In October, Anna Wisniewski married Lawrence Smigelski and they had several children. This marriage record lists Anton Dolny and (Maryana Duaing)/(Margana Durancy) [mother's name spelled as entered on two different records]

I have found other Dolny and Wisniewski families in Alpena at that time, but I am not sure if they are related. I would love to find out where these families are from in Poland.

Joanna Luce