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All surnames Siuchnicki, Karwowski, Dymnicka, Sepczynski, Gadzinski, Lada
All places Lomza, Rakowo Czachy, Drozdowo, Guty
Research notes Hi, I have been researching for several years and although I've had some success I now find myself at a stand still.

My father's family orginally came from Rakowo Czachy, my grandfather Boleslaw Szuchnicki (born Siuchnicki) and grandmother Teofila Karwowska. My grandfather had two known brothers Piotr and Teodor. Piotr married my grandmothers' sister Victoria and brother Teodor was married to a Lenora - unknown maiden name and lived in Guty village in Lomza district. Teodor also served with the Blue Army(Polish Army in France) WWI returning to Poland after the war  and the rest is unknown.  My grandfather had a sister named Julianna who married a Adam Sepczynski in 1903. They had a daughter names Stanislawa who married a Waclaw Gadzinski in Feb. 1926 in Drozwodo. One of my grandmothers' sisters Anna Karwowska married ALeksander Lada and had several children, to my knowledge they remained in Poland.