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All surnames Obrochta, Rogoznik, Zajac, Zaryka, Zasyrka
All places Stare Bystre, Skalka Village, Czarny Dunejec, Gmina, Nowy Targ County, Galicia, Pieniakowce
Research notes God bless you all. I've recently begun looking into my family history. It's quite interesting. Here's what I have so far on my father's side. If any of this is relevent to anyone please get in touch with me. If anyone is willing to offer any guidance it will be deeply appreciated. One love. -Archangel


Family name - Obrochta

Great grandfather - Carl  / Born - Stare Bystre

Wife/Gret grandmother - Catharine Zaryka/ Born in Rogoznik

Son/ Grandfather - Tomasz / Born 1887 emmigrated to America in 1905 from Czarny Dunajec

married/Grandmother Martha Zajac Born 1893 -  Pieniazkowice

children: Lillian, Caroline, John, Frank, Bruno, Thomas, Walter - All born in Chicago