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All surnames Nagorski
All places Tomaszow
Research notes Grandmother Felicia (Felicja/Feliciji) Filipina Nagorska born Sept 22, 1886/87/88/89 in Tomaszow (Lodz or Lvov?). Her Father Edward Nagorski, born 1832 (?) in Tomaszow, supposedly was impoverished "blueblood." [His father (unknown) taught at University of Krakow.] Edward was a manager and teacher forced to teach in German. Died in WWI in German prison. Her mother Florentyna (Jona?), born 1855 in Kutno, Poland. After WWI, as a widow, lived in Lodz with one or more grown children.


Children of Edward and Florentyna: Jozef, train depot master, had 1 daughter and 2 sons (one a priest); Maria or Mary Ann, married ? Saar, daughter Lorena and several other children; Waclaw, army 1900-1910 (Lodz); Felicia; Edmund or Edward; Wladyslaw, army 1900-1910 captain; Teodor, killed in WWI.


NOTE: Felicia married John Jozef Wierzbicki of Bialystok, Bellarus in Siberia or Nagasaki in 1907. They emigrated across the Pacific to the US in Dec 1907 aboard S.S. Minnesota.


MORE: Grandfather Jozef John (John) Wierzbicki born March 14, 1882, Bialystok, Bellarus, to John Wierzbicki and Margaret Wasilewski. Siblings Teodor John (1887), Martha, 2 boys killed young in horse accidents. Family raised fine horses. After death of father, Martha and husband inherited the farm; neither brother wanted and both emigrated to US. John settled in Seattle, then Olympia Washington. Teodor crossed Pacific and settled in Chicago, where he married Clara from Bialystok. Each brother had 3 daughters; no sons survived birth, so we have no Y-DNA.


Seeking any additional information on Nagorski, Jona, Wierzbicki, or Wasilewski ancestors and descendants. Please excuse any misspellings of names!