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All surnames Sanftheil, Zerbe, Neumann
All places Zychlin, Konin, Lichlin
Research notes August Sanftheil born April 25 1879 of Janowice, in city of Konin, Russian Poland and confirmed between April 3-15 1894 in Evangelical Reformation Church in Zychlin. Married on November 28, 1900 in Lichlin (Zychlin) to Mathilda Zerbe, who was born on September 6, 1882 of Kojogona in the city of London.

AugustSanftheil's parents were August Sanftheil born 1857 in town of Licitz, city of London, Russian Poland and Ernestine Neumann born April 5, 1848.

Mathilda Zerbe's mother was Caroline Zerbe (never married) born December 12, 1859.

Godchildren Patenkinder: Adolph Scheirich born 1904 in Reformed Church of Lichlin (Zychlin?) And Caroline Petrik born October 28, 1900 in Evangelical Lutheran Church of Konin.

August and Mathilda are my great grandparents. They emigrated to the USA in 1905 and settled first in Talbot, Michigan and then to Kenosha, Wisconsin.