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All surnames Biela, Gascienica, Wrobel
All places Stare Bystre, Krakow, Czarny Dunjec, Ratulow
Research notes I am trying to locate relatives living in Poland and also researching my family ancestry.  My maternal grandparents immigrated from Poland to Fayette County Pa. around 1906.  My grandfather's name was Wojciech Gasciencia who I believe was from the Krakow area.  I have very limited info on him.  I have found U.S. census and marriage records but no ship passenger records.  My grandmother, Maryanna Biela and her brother Jozef Biela were from Stare Bystre.  I cannot find a ship passenger record on her. I did see something for a Marya Biela who arrived in Dec 1906 but she was going to a different city in PA, about 40 miles away and she listed her brother a Ignacy.  I know Jozef Biela worked his way to the U.S. on a boat much earlier than her.  After his father died he sent for Maryanna.  Soon after her arrival she married Wojciech in Apr of 1907.

From the mid 1940's to early 1960's my mother corresponded with Anna Biela who lived in Stare Bystre.  Aniela Wrobel, who was either Anna Biela's daughter or granddaughter died December 24, 1958 in Poland.  I believe Aniela Wrobel had three children, two boys and a girl.  We received a letter in 1961 signed by Franciszek Wrobel who I believe was Aniela's oldest son. He was 11 years old at the time.  It is possible he is still alive.  Also during this time period we received letters from Karolina Biela.  She may have been Anna Biela's daughter.  Anna Biela also had a son named Jan.

Any help locating any living relatives in Poland or additional ancestry informationis appreciated.