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All surnames Boczkaj, Srokowski
All places Silesia, Galicia
Research notes My mother was born to Bazyli Srokowski and Victoria Boczkaj in Sioux City Iowa abt 1918.  Both parents were born in Poland and claim to be Galician on the ship manifest.  Victoria traveled from Silesia however around 1909.  

Victoria was first married to Sebastian Lech, who died sometime in 1914-1916.  I believe she was married to Lech before arriving to the U.S. but traveled under her maiden name.    Victoria lived in St. Paul MN after arriving to the U.S.  

The Srokowski name was changed to Sorokowski to make it easy to pronounce in the U.S.  Bazil went by William in city directories and census  Victoria died in 1931 and I believe Bazil died in 1937.  

I cannot find many records on ancestry.com.  I suspect the church would be the only place to look.  

I am just getting started and noticed the last name of Boczkaj in the posts.  Does anyone have some suggestions for me?