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I am looking for the names and birthdates  of my grandfather's  (Stanley Adam Bolesta) father's ( Adam Bolesta) generation.

My grandfather arrived in the USA in 1912 and lived with an uncle Nicholas Bolesta around Larksville Pennsylvania near Scranton Pa. He worked in the  coal mines until he joined the service in World War I. Stanley was born on Jan 6 1895 in the village of Bolesty Poland

There are lots of Bolestas in the Scranton. Larksville area. We  just can't figure out if we are related or not. I think we have to get back to Adam's generation to see if we have a common link. I am hoping that you or someone you know might be able to provide information that might assist.

There may be burial details that would list family members of the deceased.

I also have Stanley Birth certificate which I would like to see if someone could translate.How can I do That?