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All surnames Senkowski, Luba
All places Warsaw
Research notes Hello,

In memory of my mother who passed away last year I'm trying to accomplish her dream of discovering about her Polish grandmother's ancestors. She had started her search a few years before she died, but could not go further for lack of information. She apparently emigrated together with her mother, sister and aunt.

 My mother's research went as far as the date she emigrated to Brazil, in the 1890's and her death certificate in 1938, which has her name probably misspelled. I've tried a couple of polish surname sites but could not get any results.

Her last name in her son's birth certificate is spelled as Luba, bur in her death certificate is Senkowska (with variations). I'm guessing she may have married twice.

Her death certificate information says, Warsaw/Germany. Which may be misguiding. The time of her emigration to Brazil Poland was under Russia domain. I'm not sure which place in Poland she came from.

I'd appreciate any information or hints on how to procede wit hmy research.

Best regards,

Regina Kato