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All surnames Jedrzejczyk, Jankowska, Jankowski, Rant, Rantow, Jankowskiego, Kacper, Szulinski
All places Wolkowe, Suwalki, Czarne, Bialostockie, Filipow
Research notes Looking to trace my maternal great grandparents and back further beyond them.

My great grandfather was born in Wolkowe, the only document where he listed his parents names was on a WWI draft card- Rosalia Kacper and Josef Jendrzejcyk. A cousin told me that all records in Wolkowe, Poland were destroyed as it was a crossing point in various wars-- not sure if this is entirely true or if there are other ways to find information?  

My great grandmother was born in Filipow, Suwalki, Bialostockie-- I believe in the town Czarne.  Her name was Jankowska and her parents were Anna Rant and Stanistawa Jankowski. I believe Anna Rant's parents were Josefata Szulinski and Piotr Rant.

I am trying to find out about their parents going back, but also their brothers and sisters and their children.  I have very little information especially for my great grandfather.

They settled in Brooklyn, New York and it seems as if they helped many of their brothers and sisters to America.  But I am not sure if any stayed in NY.  I know at least some relatives went to Chicago at some point.  Any help or guidance very much appreciated.