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I have an Aunt Justina and Uncles Mitro(1910) and
Frank(1913) who were born in Wislok, Poland and immigrated to the United States through the port of Ellis Island
on the dates shown. My Dad John(or Ewan/Ivan) immigrated to Canada in 1926 through the port of Quebec.
I know there was an Upper Wislok(where my family came from) and a Lower Wislok. I visited the town site (the village was
razed after WWII as part of the Vistula
project) in 1995 but was unable to find it in 2008. I have not been able to
find any information about their entry into the New World
on the various genealogy sites I have searched, even though the is a plaque
commemorating my Uncle Mitro at the Ellis Island Wall of Honor. I am hoping
your web site will be a help.

My mother, Anna
Pecko, came from Vulshinki (or Olshinki) which is now in the Ukraine but
I think is still considered part of Galicia. I have been able to obtain
her immigrated data but would like to delve deeper into her roots to
see if and how a woman, who's grandfather with the same surname and born
in Vulshinki, is related to me.

I would like to obtain mops showing these villages (Wislok and Vulshinki) and any pictures of them.