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All surnames Krzastek, Sitarski, Dul, Sudal, Rembisz, Zjacow
All places Bojanow, Wilcza Wolna, Wolka Tanewska, Nisko, Lublin, Bielsko Biala, Slaskie
Research notes My maiden name was Josephine Krostek.  All four of my grandparents came from Poland.  My parents and all of their siblings have passed.  I would very much like to meet my relatives in Poland.  My husband and I did travel on a tour of Poland last year but we did not go to any of the villages or towns that I think my relatives live in.  I do have pictures that my father took when he and my mother visited relatives in Poland.  I think their last visit was in the 1980's. The family looks like farmers in a rural area.  They have a horse, chickens, ducks, and sheep around their home.  My mother told me that they had a dirt floor in the house.  Not much to go on!