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All surnames Gawlik, Swierczek
All places Limanowa
Research notes I am looking for any information or advice on how best to progress with searching my family tree.

My granfather, Tadeusz Swierczek, moved (alone, i believe) to Buckie, Scotland, UK, during the second world war from the Limanowa area in Poland. I believe he was born there in 1921. He died in 1971 having not spoken very much of his past or whether any other family survived the war.

His fathers name was Wojcieh Swierczek.

His mothers name was Anna Gawlik.

I do not have much other information to go on. I visited the town a few years ago and searched the cemetary for any similar surnames but did not find any. I would like to visit again in the future but be better prepared, maybe with where to browse local parish, census registers etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.