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All surnames Fryzlewicz, Bryniarski, Ujwary, Iskrzycki, Glombinski, Lipkowski
All places Nowy Targ, Ludzimierz
Research notes I have my tree starting with Adalbert Fryzlewicz (b. 1743) > Adalbert Fryzlewicz (b. 1784) > Piotr Fryzlewicz (b. 1821- d.1873) > Bartlomiej Fryzlewicz (b.1856 - d. 1933) > Stanislaw Fryzlewicz (b. 1887 - 1967) of Nowy Targ.

My paternal great grandparents were Bartlomiej Frzlewicz (1856 - 1933) and Wiktoria Agnieszka Bryniarska (1859 - ?) of Nowy Targ.   They had 12 children and many of them immigrated to America (to PA, MN, IL).   Some stayed in Nowy Targ.    There is a letter from one of the children Jozef Fryzlewicz who was in Ludzimeirz in 1947. 

My other set of paternal great grandparents were Francizek Ujwary (b. 1858)  and Katarzynz Iskrzycka of Nowy Targ.  I have not been able to trace them back further.  I have a list of descendents.