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All surnames Tust, Hoppe
All places Zdunska Wola, Kalisz
Research notes I cannot find the correct spelling of the surname. My Grandfather changed the name when he immigrated to the USA. Right now I have this information to add. My Grandfather went by the name Edmund(Edmond) Tust. His father went by the name Edward Karl Tust. His mother was Amalie(Amelia) Julianna Hoppe. According to marriage, draft and birth records, they were born in the following places: Zdunska (Vola) Wola, (Poland) Russia. Kalish (Poland) Russia [this is how they spelled it on the certificates]. A few certificates list their birthplaces as Germany.  Edward Karl was born on October 15, 1865  Amalie was born March 10, 1867. They were married on May 24, 1890. My Grandfather had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Adolf Edward was born on April 26, 1892. Arnold was born on December 16, 1900. Robert was born on December 28, 1901. Emma was born on July 20, 1896. Olga was born on September 12, 1897. Lastly, Aurelie was born on December 9, 1905. My Grandfather was born on February 13, 1891. Some of this information is from my Aunt and she has already gotten a few things wrong. Of all the siblings Emma and Robert were said to have stayed in Poland while the others came here to the United States. Edmund arrived in 1913 and his father, Olga, Arnold and Aurelie arrived in 1922. Because I don't know why my relatives gave different versions of their birthplaces, I'm not sure where I should even start.