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All surnames Bujko, Romanov, Kirchner
All places Warsaw, Kaliszu, Kielce
Research notes
Research by my father showed that Kirchner Wincenty (1816) and Braumann (Braumanow) Emilia (1829) of Kielce and Kaliszu ( had 6 children together and we do not find any of the other 4 children as family tree Wanda Braumann (Braumanow)shows only 2 children (4 are missing from the records we have). My father said that my great grandmother (Emilia Kirchner 1865-1930), daugher of Emilia and Wincenty, was one of their children, and that she married Peter Romanov of the family Romanov. So, I think the easiest way to confirm her name will be by finding their daughter (my grandmother), because this birth document will show the correct and true names of the mother and the father of Anna (Ana) Romanov (Romanow) who was born in Warsaw on December 1, 1989.She later married Russian Vyecheslav Vladoslavovich Bujko (Buiko, Buyko) born july 7, 1883, who was an officer engineer in the Russian White Army. I believe that all the records of that time they were Russian, because Warsaw was part of Russia then. Do you understand? So the best document for this search now would be the birth of my grandmother from Warsaw. Can someone please help me get this document somehow? [email protected]