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All surnames Sarnowski, Koprowska, Bukowska, Lukasiewicz, Wamka, Rynalska, Konieczka, Redman, Trawcynski, Krzykowska, Bilicki, Pruski, Romanowska, Zykowski
All places Janowko, Kujawsko-pomorskie, Kwieciszewo, Proznan, Polich Brozie
Research notes I recently had the opportunity to visit Poland during a work conference that took me to Warsaw, and Krakow.  This renewed my wife's and my interest in learning more about our families, who had immigrated to the United States from Poland between 1860-1930.  We are already looking forward to a future trip to Poland, which will be more recreation-based, and hoping we will have the opportunity to visit the locations familiar to our ancestors.