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All surnames Alicz, Grzyb, Alecz, Polaszyk
All places Swiecany, Ostrava, Raciborz, Wawelno, Polskie Laki, Rogalin, Wiecbork
Research notes

My name is
Bob Alicz and I have been researching my Polish and Czech family roots for some
time now.  I have had good luck with my
“Alicz” family name which is from the Pomeranian area.  There are several good websites covering that
area and I’ve been able to track family lines back into the early 1700’s.  It appears that the name originally was
“Halicz” and then for a generation or two it was recorded as “Alecz”.  Eventually, when they came to America it
settled in as “Alicz”.

I haven’t
had as much luck on my grandmothers’ side of the family.  Her maiden name was “Grzyb” and she was
actually born in Ostrava Moravia to a Polish Father Jan Grzyb from Swiecany and
a Moravian or Bohemian Mother named Marianna Pokorny.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find
any information from the Swiecany area. 
I do know the names of Jan Grzyb’s Parents, Jacob Grzyb and Marianna
Sychta, and that he had at least 2 Brothers and 1 Sister.  All ended up in Chicago Illinois.  I have many DNA matches that have connections
to the Swiecany area but have not been able to determine how we are
connected.  Anyone with Swiecany
information is more than welcome to contact me.

Grandmother’s Mother, Marianna Pokorny, unfortunately was an orphan and I
haven’t been able to find much on her other that she lived in Ludgerovice