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All surnames Krzynowek, Kurzawa, Stanek, Charubin
All places Cieloszka, Debowiec, Turosl, Jaslo
Research notes KRZYNOWEK- Josef Krzynowek was born in Cieloszka, Kolno County in 1894-1896 to Stanislaw and Marianna Charubin. He immigrated via Ellis Island and moved in with his uncle Seferin in Worchester, MA. He later moved to Cleveland, OH, and apparently had relatives in Pennslyvania. I'm currently looking for an easy way to get archival records for the Truosl parish to find his birth/baptism dates.

KUZAWA- Josef married Anna Kurzawa in 1919. She was the daughter of Frank Kurzawa and Sophia Stanek, who were both born in Austrian Poland (likely Dębowiec) in the mid- 1860's. I have been unable to find immigration records, for either of them.

Please feel free to contact me with any information you might have.