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All surnames Niznik, Pedzimas
All places Novatark, Galicia
Research notes I have done extensive work on my origins but hit a dead end when it comes to my grandfather on my father's side. He never er Frank niznikbecame a citien, there is no record of him coming to the U.S. and I have not been able to find him in any plce he says he was. He states his name was Frank niznik from Novatark, Austria born October 2 1890, was in the German Army on the Ship Bremerhausen and when it docked in New York, he jumped ship. There is no record of him being on the ship but there are records of another Frank Niznik born November 10, 1889 from Poland. Inserting here that he may have made up the name, was a relative of his wife or stole some one elses identity. He married Marie Pedzimas who was from Galicia Austria, daughter of Cunegundis Niznik..