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All surnames Ristau, Radke, Filipek, Kowalczyk, Nowak
All places Lobzenica, Witrogoszcz, Regulice, Raba Wyzna
Research notes my name is Tracey. I am researching 3 of my 4 lines in Poland.

Ristau / Radke  (Carl Ristau and Wilhelmine Radke married 1872 in Lobzenica) I really don't have any more knowledge before that. They came to the US in 1873 and settled in LaSalle, IL. They are of German orgin and Luthern.


Filipek changed to Fillipeck came from Regulice near Krakow in late 1800. (Josef and his brother Vincent later in 1899, Mother Marianna and father Pawel) settled in Oglesby, IL. Also his wife may have come from this area as well Julia Nowak (father: Nikolaus and Mother: Barbara Miergwa) They are of Polish orgin and were Catholic


Kowalczyk came from Raba Wyzna early 1900 (Stanislaus) his wife (Marja) and children (Johann, Anna Josefa) came in 1903 to Oglesby IL. to meet him. He had 3 other younger brothers that I know of Micheal, Jan, Jacob, and Anton. Father is Jozef and mother Agnieozka Wilcsek.  They are of Polish orgin and were Catholic