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All surnames Malak, Kurcaba, Biskup, Augustyn, Brytar, Makar, Kalenik
All places Malawa, Krasne, Grodno
Research notes My grandmother (Malak)  and her sisters came over from Galicia at various times around 1908-13. They are supposedly from Malawa near Rzeszow. My grandmother lists her birthplace as Austria, Galicia and Poland depending on which record I am looking at. She died before I was born and my mother was the baby of the family and dd not have much information. Supposedly my great grandfather died before or shortly after my grandmother was born (1897). My mother remembers her mother saying the my great grandmother (Kurcaba) had heart problems. Most of the information I have is from a distant cousin a long time ago and I have no confirmation of the information. I would love to confirm the info I have and to learn more about the family.  

 My grandfather (Makar) came over in 1912 with his brother or brothers from Belarus. I beleive he is from Grodno.His mother was a Kalenik.

I have very little info about his family other than some old family stories.